5 Reasons why you should not dispose your old Smartphone

Old Smart Phone LAWGIST
old smartphone2 LAWGIST

smartphone is a portable device that combines mobile telephone and computing functions into one unit.

Its like a norm nowadays to change to a new device because of new tech, everyone tends to change smartphones frequently.

It is believed that many people will have one or two abandoned phones in their homes. So what should be done with these old phones?

This article will present several methods of using an old mobile smartphone. You will practically learn 6 reasons why you should not dispose your old smart phone.

1. Surveillance Camera/CCTV

Your old smartphone (iPhone/Android phone), can be turned into an “Internet surveillance camera” by installing software that can activate such a feature.

There are many such applications. Not only can you call the front and rear cameras of your phone to monitor. But you can also use other phones, tablets. Aside from this, It is very practical to view real-time surveillance video on the PC.

2. Remote Control for Smart TV/TV box

Many smart TVs/TV boxes now support third-party remote control software to operate. In the event that you lose your TV remote, your old smartphone can come to the rescue which is very convenient.

3. Car Navigator or Map

You can install mainstream navigation map applications on your old smartphone, such as AutoNavi Maps, Baidu Maps, Google Maps, Apple e.t.c. In addition, download offline maps so that accurate navigation can be achieved even if the phone does not have internet facilities. installed.

4. Control Bluetooth Speakers

Want to enjoy high-quality music anytime, anywhere? you need a good set of audio equipment and a smartphone. Connect the speaker with a smartphone, you can use the smartphone as the control center of the audio system to stream music, and you can play music anytime, anywhere.

5. Track Satellite TV Channels

Recently, bluetooth satellite finders are becoming more popular than traditional satellite finders because of their ease of use and portability. I will love to reiterate it here that you need a smartphone to connect to your Bluetooth satfinder in order to see its functions and operation. If you have a phone(especially an Android phone) that runs android version 4.4 and above, you can use this to track your satellite tv channels amongst other things.

I hope this helps. Use the comment section to share more.

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