How to watch 500+ (Including DSTV) channel including sports channels for free

Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite TV channel but cannot because your DSTV or TV subscription is exhausted.

Do you ever wished to watch a football match but cannot because you don’t have a TV subscription or you are not close to a viewing center.

Do you love watching movies and looking for a way to get new movies or get a particular genre of movie?

Do you crave to watch top music channels ?

worry no more as this post will address these issues

What you need

  • a smart phone with android version of 4.4 or higher
  • an internet subscription (data)
  • Mobdro app

What is Mobdro application

When it comes to gettingĀ endless entertainment, then Mobdro would be the top-rated app. It has the separate section for channel in its interface.

When you have Mobdro app installed on your device, then you can easily access all its features without any limits. It includes the Mobdro channels too and you can watch live stream news, sports, movies, tv shows, cartoons, music, and more other contents. Get to know the Mobdro guide for the list of channels from below.

Channels you expect to see


  1. CNBC News
  2. NBC News
  3. BBC News
  4. Fox News
  5. CBN News
  6. CNN International
  7. CTV News
  8. Press TV
  9. Euro News
  10. Sky News
  11. CNN
  12. Sky Sports News
  13. Geo News
  14. Express News
  15. Russia Today
  16. DW News
  17. Citizen Tv Live
  18. Fox News Channel
  19. France 24
  20. Dunya News etc


  1. HBO
  2. AMC
  3. Sky Movies
  4. bSky LIVING
  5. cSky Witness
  6. True 1 Movies
  7. True 2 Movies
  8. itv1
  9. itv2
  10. Pick TV
  11. FOX
  12. 5 Star
  13. Telemundo etc


  1. Star Cricket
  2. Sky Sports
  3. MUTV
  4. Star Sports
  5. Ten Cricket
  6. ESPN
  7. Box Nation
  8. NBA TV
  9. Ten Sports
  10. SportsNet One
  11. UFC Next
  12. PTV Sports
  13. EuroSport
  14. TSN
  15. NBC Sport Network
  16. Fox Sports
  17. Livepool TV
  18. Golf Channel
  19. BT Sports
  20. Neo Cricket
  21. Premium Sports
  22. At The Race etc


  1. MTV
  2. Box Hits
  3. 4 Music
  4. MTV Dance
  5. Heart TV
  6. Box Upfront
  7. Clubland TV
  8. Nusic TV
  9. Radio Chico
  10. Spirit Television
  11. Just Good Music
  12. Channel AKA
  13. Heart Radio USA
  14. Inside Music TV
  15. Gone Viral Music
  16. Indiefeed: Hip Hop Music
  17. The Tropical Life Radio
  18. American Radioworks
  19. 8 Letter City Radio
  20. Morning Coffee etc


  1. World of Warcraft
  2. NASA TV
  3. live feed
  4. International Wolf Centre
  5. League of Legends
  6. Netcam Live
  7. Twit Live
  8. Live Z Rana
  9. NASA Live
  10. SiliconAngle
  11. Cheer Channel
  12. Safe TV
  13. Eri TV
  14. NRB Network
  15. Job Channel TV
  16. Ary Zindagi
  17. God TV UK
  18. God TV USA
  19. Ted Talks
  20. Power Blast Broadcast etc


To download the MOBDRO APP just click here


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