How to start VTU, cable TV and internet subscription business and make money

You can make money as a VTU vendor to sell airtime to all network, sell data, start a cable TV reselling business and pay bills.

The good thing about this business is that you can do this VTU vending business without essentially having any Certificate, COMPUTER, HUGE CAPITAL, WEBSITE/BLOG or having to register your business name. Yes, it’s that easy.

In this post, am going to reveal the secrets of some online marketers. Some sell this information as a PDF for about N1000 to N2000.

Just relax and keep reading to learn this secret


VTU is an acronym for virtual top up. a business where you act as a vendor and top up customers with airtime. We all know about the method of recharging phone with a scratch card or USSD code. But if we are talking about VTU phone recharge, the vendor recharges phone of a customer with the help of digital crediting.

Becoming a VTU vendor can be frustrating when you dont have the right information.

In the past, there is only one way to vend airtime as a VTU vendor. This method requires you to buy and register a VTU sim for all the networks and buy airtime in bulk.

This method is still available but its capital intensive.

The second method does not require much. With as low as N1000 to N2000, you are good to start this business.

What you will need

  • PC or Android device.
  • Debit Card (ATM card)
  • And the Virtual Top Up Vending PACK.

Step to step way of starting a VTU business in Nigeria

Step 1: The first step is to have an internet enabled phone.

Step 2: you should have a considerate amount of airtime. For a start 1000 to 2000 isn’t really bad

Step 3: the third step is you should download the VTU application. This is necessary because it is through this platform that the Airtime will be credited to a third party

I recommend JUMIAONE VTU application.

Steps To Start A VTU Business In Nigeria Using Jumia One App

Step 1: Get registered on Jumia if you have not done so. Jumia is a multi-purpose e-commerce site you’ll have to be registered on to utilize the Jumia one platform. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Step 2: After registration, Download the JumiaOne App into your mobile device

Step 3: Login on the Jumia one app with the details you registered on jumia

Step 4: select any service you want you want to purchase and make oayment


  • You will get a whopping 20% cash back on your first purchase. Just use the coupon code “WELCOME20” when making your first purchase.
  • For every purchase through the app you get 3% to 5% cash back which is credicted in your wallet and can be used to buy any other services within the app.

How to Earn 45% interest in 30 days

As a VTU Reseller on Mobile Airtime NG`, you get at least 3% DISCOUNT on your airtime purchase.
So, let’s say you only sell just a VTU per in two day, this means you get 3% in 2 days (how can a vendor sell one airtime daily? this is really a worst case! Airtime recharge is bought daily).

So, using even the worst case above, you get 3% X 15 days = 45% in 30days!
Which other LEGITIMATE business in Nigeria can bring such high Return Over Investment (ROI) of 45% interest in 30 days WITHOUT RISK?

Click here to register on jumiaone app

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